About Us

My name is Victoria Disley, and I have enjoyed several successful careers including law, hospitality, sales and marketing and when I found myself unable to return to my old job after the birth of my first baby, I needed to find a way of earning a living, so found myself a business partner, and set up my first on-line business in 2003.

Setting up a business from scratch can be a challenge, and my aim is to share my stories with you and guide you through the benefits and pitfalls of self-employment, setting up a business, taking on premises, employing staff through to legal requirements, accounting practices, VAT returns and lots of other things you may not have even considered……… and if you don’t yet have a business in mind, but have a desperate urge to make money, then I can help with that too!

However my story doesn’t stop there, having put my life and soul into my first business, working every hour that I could, whilst juggling home and bringing up two children with the help of child minders, nurseries, grandparents and friends, my world fell apart. I lost my health (I am now disabled and living with chronic pain), and as a result, my marriage fell apart and I had to step back from the business I had spent years nurturing. I had to completely re-evaluate my life and accept my limitations.

Going from being incredibly capable and being able to turn my hand to pretty much anything, to relying on carers to tend to my every need 24 hours a day was a very humbling, and at times irritating and rather annoying experience. I would drift in and out of consciousness, whilst lying in bed with my laptop trying desperately to carry on working. I would often (and still do) wake up to a screen full of random letters that I have typed whilst dozing off.

After 2 years of getting nowhere with consultants, and finally being ‘dumped’ at the pain clinic, I had to accept that there is a chance I may never be pain free. I have completed a series of pain management programmes and although I was initially irritated by them, because they did nothing to reduce my pain, I realised that the peace you get from mindfulness and meditation actually makes you think clearer – which makes you more productive. Another pain management tool is to tap into your creative side. Again, when this was first muted, with suggestions of joining a knitting group or buying some colouring books, I was furious, as I knew that my brain had been capable of far more.

What I didn’t realise is that using the creative side of your brain can actually have a positive impact on your general well-being. I was fascinated by this, and began to study metaphysics, pain management, psychology and nutrition.

Being in chronic pain has completely changed by life, but it has also made me discover who I really am. Looking back, I realise that my life used to revolve around what I thought I needed to be doing (and what everyone else wanted me to do for them), rather than what made me happy. I can honestly say that it’s been a rubbish way of finding out, but perhaps it was meant to be.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue with one of my on-line businesses, but trying to work whilst in chronic pain is not easy.  Any pain suffer will tell you that it’s virtually impossible to read, digest information and concentrate,  The number of times I have lost my train of thought mid-conversation is embarrassing, particularly as I was so capable in my ‘old life’.

However the human mind is a very powerful tool, and if you put your mind to something, you can literally achieve anything. Through this website, in addition to practical business information, I plan to give you some insights into what you can achieve and how you can earn serious money, just by reprogramming how your mind works. The way you think really can change your life!

I don’t claim to be an expert, but feel I have a wealth of information to share and advice to give. I am more than happy to respond to your personal queries and help in any way I can. Please use the the  Contact Us page to get in touch and let me know if there is any particular subject you would like me to cover.